Jaguar V12 XJS Fuel Hose Kit

Product Summary

Black Dog Manufacturing, a division of Motorcars Ltd, offers a complete Jaguar XJS Fuel Hose Kit to replace the under hood supply and return hoses.

The Jaguar V12 XJS's factory fuel hoses become brittle and are prone to leaking if not routinely replaced. These hoses are becoming more difficult to find, due to the fact that Jaguar no longer supplies parts for many of the older Jaguar models.

Product Description

This is a complete Jaguar V12 XJS Fuel Hose Kit to change out all the major fuel injection hoses at once.

Part# and Application Jaguar V12 XJS Fuel Hose Kit EAC9986.KIT Jaguar Fuel Hose Kit: XJS 1976-1991

Features and Benefits

We can’t begin to count the number of XJS’s that have come through our shops with hard, brittle fuel hoses. In many cases the hoses are leaking fuel, and could cause under hood fires.

So we decided to address the problem ourselves. Our Jaguar XJS Fuel Hose Kit gives you the opportunity to replace all your return and supply hoses at once, saving you time and money. In addition, fresh fuel hoses will make your XJS a much safer car to drive.

This Fuel Hose Kit Contains:

Part# EAC9986 Return Hose (Rail to Regulator)

Part# EAC9987 Feed Hose (Regulator to Rail)

Part# EAC7938 Return Hose (Clamped to Regulator)

Part# CBC7979 Feed Hose (to Regulator)

Part# 539.10.161 x3 - Fuel Hose Clamps

The hoses in our Black Dog Manufacturing Jaguar XJS Fuel Hose Kit meet or exceed factory specifications and are exact replacements for the factory hoses. Our aftermarket hose kit includes a 1 year 12,000 mile warranty.

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