Land Rover Engine Block Tester

Land Rover Engine Block TesterRover Block Tester
Part Number: Block.Tester
Applications: Land Rover 4.0/4.6 Engines

Product Summary

Black Dog Manufacturing has put together a kit that will help diagnose a coolant leak on a Land Rover engine block. The Rover Block Leak Tester is made to identify any leaks that the block may have, allowing the technician to be 100% sure of what the problem is, all while the engine is still on the vehicle.

Product Description

The Land Rover Block Leak Tester comes with four Block Off plates, Schrader valve plug, brass plug, modified water pump, water pump gasket, and bolts.

Features & Benefits

  • Able to leak test the block
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included
  • Tests can be done with the engine in or out of the vehicle
  • Must have for all shops
  • In-Stock and ready to ship

Help Video

Land Rover Engine Block Leak Tester

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